Bahrain Art Market Soars with $USD2.5 Million in Sales

The art scene in Bahrain is growing both creatively and commercially attracting combined sales in excess of USD2,500,000 through 17 events, four of which were held in Bahrain. With more and more Bahraini artists being showcased on the international stage through initiatives such as the International Artists Program, the Kingdom’s art and crafts scene has come a long way since the inaugural Art Bahrain Across Borders (ArtBAB) held in 2015 and the commercial sales underpin Bahrain’s reputation as an emerging art hub.

Participating artists at the recent Paris Biennale

Events such as the recently held Paris Biennale, taking place at the prestigious Grand Palais in Paris, saw Bahrain’s artistic talent being firmly put on the global map with the Kingdom featuring as the “guest of honour” country.  Conceived and executed, co-curated by Art Select in strategic partnership with Tamkeen, the International Artists Program has taken Bahraini artists to seven different countries since 2016, including showcasing the Kingdom’s talent at prestigious artistic centres such as the Saatchi Gallery in London, Arsenale at Venice Biennale and the Singapore Museum of Contemporary Art.

Championing Bahrain as an art destination and exporting Bahraini talent across borders is Founder and CEO of Art Select, Kaneka Subberwal, who reflects:

“The success of Bahraini artists, especially the emerging talent, on the global stage is a sign that Bahraini art as a movement is gathering momentum. A clear sign of this is the international recognition from the art world that Bahrain has now achieved. This is a commercial success for Bahraini art that is increasingly finding its place in some of the most prestigious collections around the world. Using art as a bridge between Bahrain and the world, we have been instrumental in attracting the art world to the Kingdom. Bahrain’s booming art scene has collectors and art enthusiasts from across the globe connecting with established, emerging and talented young Bahraini artists whilst also enjoying all that the Kingdom of Bahrain has to offer. With support of the international network developed over decades; Bahraini artists have now exhibited in some of the most highly respected art destinations including exhibitions in Moscow, Paris, Venice, India, Singapore and London.”