Strong Culinary Roots: Bahrain Confidential Interviews Bushido’s Chef Goh Boon Wah


Quality food, unforgettable service, and good value are the hallmarks of a successful restaurant, says Chef Goh Boon Wah in this interview with Bahrain Confidential.

As a child, Chef Goh Boon Wah drew inspiration from watching his mother cook in the family’s noodle restaurant. Starting as her little helper in the kitchen, he set out to achieve two goals – one of which was to become Head Chef, a goal he has achieved. The other is to run his own restaurant in the future. Today, Chef Goh leads the kitchen at one of Bahrain’s favourite Japanese restaurants – Bushido by Buddha-Bar. With passion and creativity driving his skillfully planned menus, he directs his team to deliver the best.

In your opinion, what makes a restaurant special?

Bringing together high-quality food, remarkable service, cleanliness, good value, and a carefully crafted ambience can result in an exceptional, extravagant experience for the customers, making the restaurant the most iconic place.

How do you ensure the restaurant meets the highest standards of quality and delivers satisfying guest experiences?

We always listen to the guest’s feedback, maintain a positive attitude, personalise service, anticipate needs, interact in a friendly manner, and be hospitable and genuine with the guests. Most importantly, we provide a clean and quality food experience.

 What are your thoughts on Bahrain’s restaurant sector?

The island provides, through its restaurant industry, a wide variety of food and drinks everywhere, resulting in a great experience for the people. One can find all types of cuisines in Bahrain. Although the competition is high, it pushes restauranteurs to be on top and provide the best service in the country.

What are three dishes you would recommend guests try at your restaurant/s?

The Miso Black Cod, Volcano Maki, and Grilled Prawn are three dishes I would recommend because they reflect the authenticity of a traditional Japanese Restaurant. In terms of flavours, I can say these are the best in town, prepared with fresh ingredients. The recipes have been with us for years.

 What are your favourite places to eat in Bahrain?

I love Turkish grills and there are many Turkish restaurants here that serve quality food!

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