7 Great Spots for a Weekend Breakfast in Bahrain!

From balaleets to pancakes, here are some of our picks! And yes, we can’t wait to dine in and have breakfast in these restaurants!

Café Lilou

Reminiscent of a 19th century Parisian brasserie, Cafe Lilou is a gratifying experience for discerning guests. Inspired by the classic French dining, the menu is comprehensive – the café is a good choice for a classy breakfast.

Lumee Street Café

‘Lumee’ is Bahraini slang for lemons and limes… and is directly related to the food which is flavour-packed, fresh and zesty. The restaurant is devoted to capturing the essence of Middle Eastern street food in a contemporary setting. Classics like hummus and Bahraini tikka are available among a variety of signature dishes.

Angelina Paris

The iconic patisserie and tearoom’s first location in the Kingdom of Bahrain is in Adliya’s Block 338 with a second in The Avenues. Known for its iconic reputation as a Parisian café, Angelina embraces traditional Parisian favorites creatively curated with Middle Eastern ingredients.


Emmawash offers traditional Bahraini dishes in high quality and medium prices. It has two branches that highlights a warm and friendly atmosphere. Every customer is free to write and draw their memories on the restaurant’s walls!

Nomad Urban Eatery

As the name suggests, Nomad is an urban eatery that boasts a wide array of international dishes. Their breakfast menu includes freshly baked breads, healthy bowls, breakfast baos and other decadent delights.

Cine Café

With branches across the island, Cine Café serves a wide selection of crepes and waffles, available in sweet and savory flavors which makes for a filling breakfast. The café combines traditional methods with unique existing blends of drinks and cooking styles.

The Orangery

Taking its name from the conservatories built in European fashionable residences from the 17th to the 19th century, th­e Orangery is an elegant tea room and patisserie which is located on the grounds of the Palace Boutique Hotel in Bahrain. Th­e Orangery focuses on the traditional English tea room era, offering an a la carte menu with an influence of the Middle East.