This young artist sells her works to help stray animals in Bahrain!

Khushi Mehta is a young artist residing in Bahrain who has launched an Instagram page with a goal to save stray cats and dogs. Just recently, we had the chance to share a conversation with her to know more about her amazing cause.

Tell us a bit about yourself; what motivated you to create this cause?

My name is Khushi Mehta. I’m a sixteen-year-old student studying at New Millennium School. I have 2 dogs at home and over the years I have fostered close to 15 cats and dogs. I have always been a huge animal lover.

The harsh reality for stray animals in Bahrain is that there are just too many. My love for animals drove me to do something to help the animals in our country lead a better life. I wanted to help make a difference in the lives of stray animals and that is why I decided to turn my hobby and passion for art into something more.

When was this cause conceptualized?

Art for a cause’s idea developed when Covid-19 first broke out. I felt like I needed to act especially when multiple articles on how animals could be carriers for this virus surfaced, seeing how negatively people reacted to this broke my heart. It became critical more than ever to step up for animals wherever, whenever and however they may need us. My cause came from wanting to raise funds to help feed, shelter, spay or neuter the stray animals in Bahrain.

What/who does your cause support?

Art for a cause supports stray animals in the country. I aim at helping rescue, neuter, spay, feed or foster animals. Your support and contribution to my art helps me raise funds to care for these animals in need. It also helps us pay medical bills for injured and abused animals.

Why should people buy from you?

Your support and involvement is crucial in order to make this initiative and cause into what we imagine it to be. Since the start of my instagram page, we have successfully spayed 5 female puppies and have been able to purchase dog and cat food in large quantities. With your help, we are able to meet these challenges and make significant improvements to animal welfare in our community. Just an art piece could help save a life.

What are you waiting for? Check out her works now!