How to combat Bahrain summers?

Summers come bearing various inconveniences along with its fun vibe. We need to protect ourselves against these evils and you have to look no further for reading about the most common issues we face during summers with their solutions: 

Problem: An increased exposure to sun can make you susceptible towards skin cancer through the harmful UV rays which is highly probable as they penetrate through your skin. 

On a smaller degree, it can also potentially cause sunburns and rashes which are intolerably irritable.

Solution: Applying organic sunscreens covers your face and body with a protective layer hence slowing down the process of the sun rays penetrating through your skin. Apply it 20 minutes prior to going out for an effective result. In addition, wear or carry any covering accessory outdoors like hats or umbrellas to assist in shielding yourself from direct sun rays and tanning. 

Problem: Your personal hygiene may also be compromised by the endless sweating, dirt and disturbing and inevitable body odour. 

Solution: Carry cleaning wipes, roll on deodorant and moisturiser with you as your essential travelling buddies. Moreover, prefer wearing cotton clothes in the heat so a part of your sweat is absorbed in them hence promoting cleanliness and hygiene. 

Problem: Dehydration due to profuse sweating and prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight. 

Solution: The classic regime of consuming 8 glasses of water per day is the most idealistic goal for meeting our hydration requirements even when we don’t feel particularly parched. This can be facilitated by carrying a water bottle with you as a travel necessity wherever you go. Along with this, frequent intake of other hydrants or liquids such as coconut water, energy drinks, lemonades and mocktails is also promoted. 

Pro tip: Avoid wearing darker colours in summers as they tend to absorb heat while lighter coloured clothing tends to reflect heat thus protecting you from the harsh weather outside.