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From The Depths Of The Gulf: A Shopping Guide to Bahraini Pearls


The Pearl of the Gulf, Bahrain, has long been associated with the allure of natural pearls. Picture yourself adorned in jewellery steeped in a millennium-old legacy. Bahrain’s pearls embody this rich heritage, from the depths of shores.

What sets Bahraini pearls apart in the fashion world are their exceptional traits. The island cradles oysters that craft pearls of unparalleled lustre.

While cultured pearls have increased, due to the rise in demand, Bahraini pearls have secured fashion’s limelight. Most recently, Queen Rania of Jordan was seen sporting a clutch with a single Bahraini pearl at her daughter-in-law, Rajwa Al Saif’s Henna ceremony.

Read on to find out where you can get a hand on these signature gems.

Mattar Jewelers

Image Credits: Mattar Jewelers

Mattar Jewelers crafts exquisite jewellery and a range of natural pearl products. Their unique approach extends to a variety of accessories, including cufflinks and luxurious leather bags, making them a true destination for elegance.

Contact: 17585333 | Seef

Pearl Biography

Image Credits: Pearl Biography

Pearl Biography unveils an array of distinctive and stunning pieces. They’re far from traditional; each creation is uniquely captivating. Adorned with natural Bahraini pearls, these treasures are a testament to innovation!

Contact: 39966880 | Seef Mall

Natural Pearl Palace

Image Credits: Natural Pearl Palace

Where elegance embraces tradition – step into Bahrain’s Natural Pearl Palace. Since 1983, it’s been the realm of certified natural pearls. Discover timeless jewellery and watches, where every piece is a chapter in Bahrain’s storied pearl history. Explore, indulge, and carry home a piece of the island’s legacy.

Contact: 39691248 | Manama

Al Sarraj Jewellery

Image Credits: Amina Photography

At Al Sarraj Jewellers, explore craftsmanship that connects timeless charm and contemporary fashion. Discover a collection adorned with the enduring beauty of natural pearls, allowing you to make your own unique statement!

Contact: 17277521 | Gold Souq17212147 | Gold City17583337 | Seef Mall

Gulf Pearls Jewellery

Image Credits: Thahabati

Gulf Pearl Jewellery specialises in authentic natural pearls. Sourced from local divers and traditional merchants, their pearls embody Bahrain’s rich heritage. The pieces seamlessly blend tradition and modernity.

Contact: 36858938 | Gold Souq Manama

Al Hashimi Pearls

Image Credits: Thahabati

Al Hashimi Pearls specialises in transforming ocean pearls into enduring jewellery, each piece holds a unique story. Here, craftsmanship blends passion and tradition, offering wearable beauty.

Contact: 17253377 | Manama

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