This university in Bahrain just launched a new research centre!

The University of Bahrain (UoB) has established the “International Research Centre for Sustainable Business and Isalmic Finance”.

The milestone, which will be affiliated with the College of Business Management, is part of events marking the celebration of the centennial of the banking sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

UoB President Dr. Riyadh Youssef Hamza said that the newly-established centre aims to harness national efforts to develop human resources and support the banking and Islamic finance sectors.

“The establishment of this centre stems from the university’s strategy  to promote the sustainability of resources in tandem with the development of academic programmes to achieve its goals and ensure its outputs”, he said.

College of Business Management Dean Dr. Hatem bin Mahmoud Al-Masri said that the establishment of the centre is part of initiatives being spearheaded in partnership[ with the banking sector in Bahrain and leading overseas scientific research institutions.

Dr. Al-Masri stressed the importance of the initiative which, he said, would promote Bahrain’s image as a pioneer in the field of Islamic banking and setting global standards for Islamic financial and banking work.

He added that the center will be a welcoming space for research in the concepts of Islamic financial technology (Fintech), especially after the College of Business Administration launched a master’s programme in financial technology.