New regulations on Bahrain’s Flexible Work Permit

Bahrain’s cabinet approved new regulations for issuing the Flexible Work Permit, in order to optimise the work permit system in a manner that strengthens labour market regulations, creates job opportunities for Bahrainis, makes citizens the first choice of employment and preserves the rights of workers.

The new regulations for the flexible work permit policy were approved based on the feedback of the Shura and Representatives Councils and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), which were shared at meetings held to discuss all available options.

New procedures include intensifying inspection campaigns on flexible work permit holders to ensure that they do not work in professional activities that they may not engage in without obtaining a permit, and intensifying inspection campaigns on irregular workers to take the necessary legal action. Workers who do not comply with the regulatory procedures or who hold a business commercial registration are not allowed to apply for the Flexible Work Permit.

Furthermore, a committee consisting of members from various ministries will propose regulatory standards for 20 identified professions and any other professions the committee deems relevant to include. Recommendations will be shared with the Supreme Council for the Development of Education and Training within two months.

Measures also include barring Flexible Work Permit holders from registering industrial motor vehicles used in construction and transport buses.