Here are some habits to practice for a mindful morning

How we spend our mornings plays an important role in how our rest of the day is going to be. Having a mindful morning routine certainly sets a tone for your day and helps you start it on the right foot. Here are some mindful habits that you can include in your routine.

  • Pause before checking your phone

Mindlessly scrolling through your phone even for fifteen minutes can hamper your productivity and make you less present. Therefore, it is better to wait for at least 30 minutes before checking your phone so that you can be more aware of your surroundings and focus on your morning tasks, such as drinking a glass of water.

  • Let the light in

Opening up your windows and just soaking yourself in the sunlight is a fantastic way to feel fresh and energized in the morning. Sunlight has not only been proven to improve mood but also helps in supporting our body’s circadian rhythm. 

  • Make your bed

Making your bed the first thing in the morning is a very simple task but it can set the tone for the rest of the day. A tidy space helps tidy your mind, gives you a feeling of accomplishment and encourages you to stay productive throughout the day.

  • Make your morning drink

Try to make your morning drink whether it is tea, coffee or anything else at home as opposed to takeout. It promotes mindfulness and helps you focus on the present moment.

  • Sit down and eat

Another important thing to do in the morning is to sit down and eat your breakfast without being rushed. Being present makes the food more enjoyable and less stress around meal times helps you chew your food thoroughly and thus leads to better digestion.

  • Set the intention

Before starting your day, take a moment to decide what you expect to get out of the day. This can mean making a to-do list or simply just checking your calendar. A few minutes of mindfulness meditation or gratitude can also help you get into that calm headspace to start your day.