Fashion & Beauty, Features - May 25, 2022

Easy Hairdos for Summer


Cannot keep your hair open in the face of scorching heat but also want a pretty hairdo? Look no further!

Here are a few gorgeous and effortless hairstyling ideas to elevate your summer look:

1.  Lifted sleek ponytail

You can never go wrong with a clean ponytail. Basic and easy to pull off, wear this bold look on the streets and witness the heads turn as you walk by! You could also let out your front sectional flicks to flow through the breeze, complimenting your face and wrap the excessive hair around your ponytail so as to imitate the rubber band. 

2. Messy bun updo 

A classic, pretty and uncomplicated hairstyle for all you beauties in a morning rush with no time in for styling, especially the ones with those lovely curls. Start with a normal bun but make it looser while allowing your unique haircut to do its thing. No need to pin the bun in in place too rigidly, that’s where its charm lies. 

3. Twin Dutch braids

If you feel like going an extra mile for that ‘it’ look, go for these statement full or half dutch braids to differentiate yourself from the crowd. This one’s for you stunning Rapunzels out there – Adding volume and royalty to your hair, this hairstyle perfectly complements a college look, a party appearance or even a cute first date! 

4. Middle-parted ponytail

Here comes the celebrity-inspired middle-parted low ponytail, grabbing everyone’s attention. Pair this hairstyle with your everyday look and transform into a chic lady. This hairdo works best with formals, dresses and tunics.   

5. Fishtail braid 

One of the prettiest braiding styles to exist, inevitably, it is a little difficult to master but once you get a hang of it, there’s no going back. This hairstyle is hassle-free, stays put and is popularly taken up for office looks and brunch dates.

6.  The Twist Back (half up-half down)

Taking back the majority portion of the hair from the front backwards, it’s one of the best suited hairstyles for summers. It prevents your hair from sticking up in sweat and gives you that stunning flowy look. Or, you could always improvise and tie up the loose ends into buns!

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