Fashion & Beauty, Features - April 17, 2022

Shield your skin from the sun with these tips!

We’re all aware of the unsightly and inevitable skin problems that summer comes bearing.

The sunlight basically causes photoaging of the skin including brown spots, tanning, laxity and even wrinkling. UVB rays have more effect on the outer skin layers, causing the skin to burn. These issues have proven to worsen in case of extreme exposure to sun. 

Listed below are a few pro tips to help enshield your flawless skin against the brutality of this season:

  • Add SUNSCREEN to your skin care routine.

Applying sunscreen covers your face and body with a protective layer hence slowing down the process of the sun rays penetrating through your skin. Organic sunscreens absorb the harsh UV rays so your skin doesn’t have to, while the chemical ones are known to scatter or reflect the sunlight away. Apply it 20 minutes prior to going out for an effective result. 

  • Don’t forget to MOISTURISE.

After an exhausting day out in the sun, our skin is deprived of all its moisture and glow. Thus, your skin requires a generous amount of moisturising to heal.

  • Your eyes and lips need more attention.

Don’t hesitate to invest in eye creams and lip balms for this season since these are the most delicate areas of your face which need to be protected. Apply creams directly to the concerned areas at night for better absorption. 

  • Exfoliate!

The harsh sun rays can gradually make the skin weaker. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week, depending upon your skin type, can help scrub off the previous sun damage and rejuvenate your skin. 

  • Use skincare products rich in Vitamin C and E.

Vitamin C, E and green tea are natural antioxidants which assist in reversing the sun harm effectively, leaving your skin healthy, glowy and smooth. Using skin care products containing these vitamins can help strengthen the skin. 

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