6 Things to Do in Bahrain this Weekend (Feb 25-27)

Running out of ideas on what to do in Bahrain this weekend? From dining experiences to fun activities – below are some suggestions you can try!

1. Go food truck hopping

If you just can’t decided on what you want to eat, food truck hopping is a great way to explore your options. There are several food truck areas around the country including the famous Al Estiqlal Highway, Al Sayah Beach in Busaiteen, among others. Check out our list of 10 cool food trucks to try!

2. Visit the Hanging Garden in Malkiya

Hanging Garden is a specialized hydroponic farm located in Malkiya. The location has been creating a buzz recently on Instagram with many people visiting them during the cold season. It’s a great place to visit with your little ones.

3. Read books by the sea

If you’re looking at exploring new things on the island, you might want to check this inspiring initiative out! The People is a non-for-profit campaign aimed to encourage leisurely reading in Bahrain.

4. Check out this art exhibit

Harbour Gate is back for its fifth year with its successful art exhibition “Art at the Harbour”. This year’s series kicks off on February 21 with the art display “Exuberance” by Nepalese artist, Madhu Sarda and her daughter Sejal Sarda.

5. Mochi

We can’t get enough of these sweet Japanese cakes! If you’re having a difficult time getting your hands on these Japanese goodies, look no further than our suggestions!

6. Or you can just stay in and order pizza!

From thick to thin, Neapolitan to New York, stuffed crust to melting cheese, the choices for the great pizza in Bahrain are aplenty. Check out our picks this week!