Interview: Couture icon and designer Rami Al Ali

Bahrain Confidential shares a conversation with established couture icon and designer, Rami Al Ali about all things bridal!

Having launched his eponymous label in 2000, Rami Al Ali, is best known for dressing high-profile celebrities like Helen Mirren, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and more. Just recently, we had the chance to talk to the Dubai-based designer about all things fashion!

An expert in craftsmanship, Rami Al Ali has made it his mission to deliver fashion-fuelled fantasies to women on their special day. The ethereal lineup details eight, standout gowns for Bridal 2020, accentuating his design signature of opulence, grandeur, and femininity.

Rami Al Ali

What do you think makes Rami Al Ali a distinctive successful brand in today’s overly crowded fashion world?

My designs bridge a gap between two contrasting worlds where East meets West. I fuse the intricate craftsmanship synonymous with the East and merge them with contemporary designs favoured by the West. This beautiful hybrid is what sets the Rami Al Ali brand apart and what defines our DNA. We’re living in a world that’s embracing diversity more than ever before and it’s powerful. I think all women, no matter their background, are beautiful. Being able to bring these two worlds together with my designs is something really special.

What were the inspirations for your latest bridal collection?

The collection wasn’t inspired by one over arching theme but rather the ideology of what makes up the modern-day bride. For this collection, I wanted to speak to a new form of client. Before, our bride was very classic – which is still true in some regard – however, we’ve recently noticed a shift when it comes to her wedding day. She now has a desire to look very modern. She doesn’t want something too edgy, which she’ll later regret; she wants something classic, but with a twist. So that’s what we created with this collection — modern but timeless.

The collection wasn’t inspired by one over arching theme but rather the ideology of what makes up the modern-day bride.

Describe the Rami Al Ali bride.

The Rami Al Ali bride is someone that reflects modern-day elegance. She’s international and is both authentic and fearless. She is romantic, feminine, and boasts an unapologetic air of glamour about her.

When thinking of fashion that transcends, what immediately comes to mind. How do your own designs transcend fashion?

Timeless style doesn’t have the constraints of trends. I don’t follow trends rather I design pieces that compliment female form. Women are my muses and accentuating their natural form is what elevates a design and frames beauty. I pay particular attention to the finer sartorial details and focus on quality craftsmanship to guide the direction of my designs.

On a personal note, can you share something interesting about yourself with our readers that they probably wouldn’t have guessed.

Generally designers are perfectionist, and that’s true is some respect, however, I’m also impatient and have a tendency to rush things – a habit that I’m trying to overcome.

Do you have any plans/news for your Bahrain clientele?

We are actively working on lots of interesting collaborations targeting the Gulf market at the moment. Details of these collaborations will be out very soon.