Health: Tips to beat insomnia during the pandemic

We’re all so worried about the virus; whether we’re going to get it, or that somebody we love will. We’re worried about our jobs. There are so many stresses swirling around causing us to have fitful sleep, anxious dreams and insomnia. So how can you sleep soundly?

With 24-hour news of coronavirus, domestic issues and many other stressful things swirling around, there’s little wonder insomnia is rife. Here are expert tips from the founder of The Sleep School in UK.

Routine is everything

Sleep is regulated by our internal body clock, called the circadian rhythm. It’s vital to have a routine: go to bed at the same time each night, wake up at the same time and have your meals at the same time. It sounds simple, but it will reset your body clock and ensure better sleep.

With that in mind, have a ‘fake commute’

Once the bane of our lives, many of us may be missing our daily commute. Every morning, take a 10-minute walk/exercise in your house. In the evening, when you shut down your laptop, do the same to transition your mind from work to home time.’ Also, try to spend some time in the balcony where you can get sunlight on your skin – important for good sleep.

Accept your worries

Identify your stressful thought and label it. Are you worried about your job? Are you scared someone you love will get coronavirus? Label the fear and the emotion and they will lessen slightly.

When you notice these thoughts arriving, accept them, and let them pass. Lie mindfully and enjoy the benefits of being in a big, warm bed. Notice your worries, and let them pass and from there sleep can emerge. And if it doesn’t? Just accept it and rest, noticing your thoughts and accepting them.

Don’t forget the basics

As well as establishing a good routine, remember to darken down two hours before bed, switching off all screens.

Stay informed – but only to a point

‘It’s important we stay informed,’ says Dr Meadows. ‘However, scrolling through bad news will stress you out.

Source: The Friday Magazine