Features - June 11, 2023

The Kingdom has Launched an E-commerce Platform to Promote ‘Made in Bahrain’ Products!


Export Bahrain has taken a giant leap towards promoting and enhancing the visibility of products and services made in Bahrain. The national export promotion agency has launched the “National Exporters Directory,” a comprehensive database and connectivity platform that showcases and promotes made-in-Bahrain products and services. This innovative solution is the first of its kind and is available on Export Bahrain’s website.

The National Exporters Directory is a reference point for made-in-Bahrain products and services. It allows easy identification of exporting businesses based in Bahrain by category, industry, products, or services. The directory also provides brief information about the companies along with pictures that reflect their products and services. This platform is in keeping with Export Bahrain’s mission to increase global awareness of the capabilities of businesses based in Bahrain.

Photo Credits: BNA

What makes the National Exporters Directory unique is its ability to cover various sectors of products and services. It features a list of local exporters, their files, contact details, and portfolios for their respective products and services. This platform will have a significant impact on the development of Bahraini enterprises’ clientele.

International buyers and manufacturers can also benefit from the directory as it allows them to find and obtain high-quality goods and services from the Kingdom of Bahrain. This platform will provide Bahrain-based businesses with an early foothold in global export markets, which will place them in front of many global buyers looking to source from the Kingdom.


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