Lulu celebrates a British summer fest

Lulu Hypermarket’s British Week festivities was inaugurated in the hypermarket’s latest outlet in Saar’s Atrium Mall by British Ambassador H.E. Simon Martin on Sunday, April 14. Till April 21, shoppers will be able to make the most of the finest British summer treats, from a range of juices and bottled cordials to a wide selection of British cheeses, organic milk, flavoursome yogurts, chocolates, biscuits, tea brands and specialty breads.

The inaugural event also offered glimpses of quintessential British culture, with music by members of the Royal Marine Band’s Corps of Drums and also performances from the community. As always, Lulu Hypermarket was decorated in the colours of the Union Jack and with replicas of famous British monuments and the iconic red telephone booth. Shoppers were delighted to see the London double decker bus in the premises and a model of the cheery red bus in one of the aisles, piled with popular British brands instead of passengers.

Many British products were specially flown in to fill the aisles of Lulu, the largest hypermarkets in Bahrain, for this promotion. In the food section, there will be a special emphasis on fresh British meat, fish, cheeses, bread and fruit and veg. You can easily whip up a traditional British meal, such as the fish and chips or Sunday roast, by choosing from the classic British dishes offered in both the hot and cold food sections. The stores also showcased beauty and hygiene brands such as soaps, detergents and home cleaning products.

 “At Lulu Hypermarket, we are proud of our long and delicious list of British products. We are delighted to showcase the best of Britain at this festival. Besides special promotions on British products, Lulu Hypermarket turned a tasty spotlight on British food, cheeses and drinks from the U.K. Home goods are also be showcased,” said Director Mr. Juzer Rupawala, “The Lulu Group has its own logistics and warehousing facility in Birmingham to service our entire hypermarket chain.”

The promotion runs till April 21.