Allow yourself to be happy by Riya Bhansali

Being a life coach, the most common thing I hear my clients wanting I Happiness. Sounds so simple right, the why is it so hard for us to perpetually be in this state?


Couple of years back I attended the ‘Happiness Program’ by the Art of Living. We were made to answer couple of questions to help everyone introspect. These two questions left me wondering

What will make you happy?
When will you be happy?

This was an eye opener for me. It took me an hour to answer. Our goals, accomplishments, friends, companionship, food, clothes etc. make us happy, but sadly not for a very long period of time. We experience the phase until a next goal shows up and is completed, and the cycle continues.

While answering I listed things/incidences which would bring me happiness. While discussing the answers I realized no participant had stated that they were already happy. It’s a strange paradox that we perpetually want to be happy but do things which bring us only temporary happiness. We always want to remain happy then why is it that time limit and duration that we allow ourselves to be happy is so small and conditional.

This question besides its spiritual benefits has helped me find direction in a lot of circumstances. It’s a simple exercise that you could try as well

Whenever I find myself in a negative state of mind, I ask myself these questions. Sometimes I realize I could be happy with something as simple as eating taking a walk or talking to a friend. It made me realize the power we possess to change the state of our mind by providing a sense of direction. What’s challenging is to realize that we need a change. Practicing yoga and meditation has definitely made me better at figuring out the source of the emotion & trigger point.

My realization is that we need to disassociate this state of happiness from the outcome of any of the goals. It’s time for you to introspect and share your experience

Riya Bhansali is a life coach and corporate trainer who has trained more than 2000+ people both in the Gulf and India. 
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