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Season of Giving: Donate 100 Fils This Ramadan to Support a Child!


The spirit of generosity, giving, and selflessness is palpable around the island. While the act of giving isn’t limited to one month in the year, Ramadan creates special opportunities to go the extra mile and support those in need. This year, LuLu Hypermarket has returned with its annual charity drive – a way for shoppers to make a grand gesture with as less as 100 fils.

The campaign, “Every 100 Fils Counts” is being run in collaboration with the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF). LuLu is encouraging shoppers to contribute a minimum of 100 Fils every time they shop at any of the hypermarket’s 9 outlets.

LuLu Hypermarket’s Team at the Launch of their Ramadan Campaign

Proceeds from the campaign will go towards the welfare of orphans under the care of RHF. The idea behind the campaign is to make charity involvement accessible for everyone, upholding one of the tenets of the Holy Month.

Quoting HH Sheikh Nasser, Dr Mustafa Al Sayed, Secretary-General of RHF said “No act of charity is too small if performed with devotion.” He added that every 100 fils counts and can make a big difference, and is designed to encourage the least someone can contribute towards the spirit of giving and sharing.

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