The importance of your relationship with yourself by Riya Bhansali

‘Your relationship with yourself sets a tone for any other relationship that you have’

I get startled at what I used to think about being alone. I was never scared to live alone but this was not the case for my peers. This made me wonder why. I thought it was a personality trait that some have and others don’t. Now I know that it has only to do with your MIND.

Being alone means when you are at peace in your ideal time. I had a perception that I was very comfortable being by myself as I could manage without human interaction by spending time on social media. But that was absolutely contrary as it was only a trap of addiction to all the notifications and likes.

When you are with someone your mind is focused on what’s happening at that moment. But when not habituated to being alone it keeps wandering into the past or future. This results in overthinking and fear.


Close your eyes for five minutes.

You will have a thought or thoughts. Open your eyes, think about the last thought and go backwards to your first thought.

You will find that in most cases there is no connection between the first and last thought. That’s because you didn’t do it consciously. You were barely even aware that you started to think. Since your mind was not trained to sit ideal you had no control over it.

When you consciously stop and trail back you start keeping a conscious lookout for what your mind is thinking of. This can help you to put a brake to your negative thought patterns, anxiety and restlessness. It helps you to break free, because you now have the self-awareness which helps the mind from producing thoughts.

This mastering of your thoughts habit will ultimately help you to be independent from any place or person whom you think you can’t do without.

As Buddha said “You live most of your life inside of your head, make sure it’s a nice place to be.”

Riya Bhansali is a life coach and corporate trainer who has trained more than 2000+ people both in the Gulf and India. 
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