The importance of building relationships by Nicholas August

It’s impossible to achieve success without building relationships. Building relationships is important both professional and personal.

In the workplace building relationships with others leads to positiveness where one can enjoy working around others comfortably whom he/she can trust therefore achieving more. Good relationships can turn into business partnership if both parties develop trust.

Gaining and strengthening relationships with others not only develops your business but also develops your trust with the other party and vice versa. Professional relationships as well as personal relationships always involves trust as it’s the backbone to keeping the relationship strong and healthy. Without trust, a relationship can fail. Trust is a set of behaviours including believing, feeling secured around, feeling comfortable around, depending on the other person and showing care to the other person. Trust towards another person is not achieved in a single day but over time and showing through your actions that you can be trusted. Trust should be valued deeply because it can all go away in a spilt second if you have done something against the other person’s wishes. Once the damage is done, it will take time to repair the trust you have previously built with that person. So you always need to be honest and not do anything he or she dislikes to maintain the relationship.

Building relationships is also important as you can learn new things from the person who you built the relationship with and they can also learn new things from you that will help each other in the future. Having good relationships with your teammates will create synergy easily therefore the team can do tasks more efficiently and effectively and promotes new knowledge from each other. Bad relationships in a team can lead to poor performance overall.

So, good communication, assisting others, working together/sharing ideas are some of the key things to keep a good relationship in a team.

Building relationships, both professionally and personally have many advantages. It promotes, social and business communications. It creates motivation within a team. It increases your reputation therefore, the person who trusts you can introduce you to other people and establish relationships with them. Also help can be given or offered when both persons have a strong relationship with each other. That is why it is better to giver more than a taker so you can establish trust and a strong long lasting relationships with others including others who are less fortunate than you.

Nicholas August, Marketing Executive at Science & Industry Division of International Agencies Co. Ltd talks about how building relationships from his view helps strengthens business relationships as well as personal relationships.