Tapping into Feminine Energy: An Interview with Conscious Influencer, Nora Alamr

It is often said that open communication, productive conversations, and healthy boundaries sustain relationships longer. In a world where expressing vulnerabilities has become the new normal, conscious influencers like Nora Alamr are leading the way in understanding feminine energy and finding the right balance in relationships, work, and life.

We recently got in touch with the Saudi-based influencer to understand a little more about her work and find some helpful advice on leading a healthy lifestyle, managing loneliness, and creating self-care practices.

You share a lot about positive energy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What are some lessons you’ve learned along the way on these topics?

A secret to your happiness, which is rarely talked about is balancing your feminine and masculine energies to achieve balance in work, life as well as relationships with family, friends and partners.

What are some self-care practices that you would recommend?

It’s important to embrace feminine energy practices while living a masculine lifestyle. These practices include meditation, yoga, painting, crafts, dancing, journaling, singing, and walking in nature.

What are some ways for people who live alone to break away from feelings of loneliness and embrace a positive outlook?

A great activity to do is to go out with friends and expand your circle. Invest in your hobbies and creativity. The more you have going on in your life, the more fulfilled you will feel. The fulfilment will provide a sense of comfort and joy even if you are alone. You reach a point when you enjoy your own company.

What according to you are the best ways to improve communication in a relationship?

Creating a safe space and a judgment-free zone in a relationship helps each partner express their emotions with ease and share their individual difficulties. An important factor is honesty which is always accompanied by kindness. Honesty is the main pillar of any relationship but only if it’s expressed in kind words, taking your partner’s feelings into account. Finally, couples therapy gives the couple different outlooks on their relationship and helps them navigate disagreements.