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Perfomance Driven: Interview with Prept’s Founder, Qasim Al Setri

Bahrain Confidential interviews the mind behind Prept Bahrain, Mr. Qasim Al Setri.

Instead of thinking, shopping, prepping, and cooking your own “healthy” meals (not to mention all that cleaning up you have to do after), you can just opt to have expertly prepared, calorie-counted, and restaurant-quality dishes delivered straight to your doorstep! Does this sound too good to be true?

Prept Bahrain is a performance meal provider designed by athletes. What started out as a personal meal plan turned out to be a successful venture for Mr. Qasim Al Setri, whose experiences prompted him to create his version of expertly prepared meals. Just recently, we had the chance to interview him.

Tell us more about Prept Bahrain, how did it come about?

The inception of Prept was during the time I came back from the United States. Having worked as a healthy food cook in the US, I ignited my interest in this field. To add to that, I am also competing as a bodybuilder which entails cooking my own food.

When I came back to Bahrain, I found out that my cousin owns a centralized kitchen, so I asked if I can prep my meals there since I consume up to 6 meals (and up to 2kg of chicken) a day! This also meant that I needed a lot of space and a big enough grill to cook on. Soon enough, friends and family began asking for healthy meals. They loved our chicken and boom… Prept came to life!

What inspired you to open Prept?

There was a lack in the market for proper macro based meals, that is catered to high performance individuals and athletes. Most healthy or meal prep restaurants serve low amounts of calories and protein per meal, for a high price. We wanted to offer high protein meals at a reasonable price.

There is an abundance of healthy restaurants in Bahrain, what makes Prept stand out?

Definitely the amount of protein per meal that comes with a reasonable price. Prept offers a meal plan for every performance goal and are available in any macros to meet everyone’s athletic needs.

If you could persuade people to change three things about their diet, what would they be?

First, eat more healthy food than more supplements. Second, eat to perform. Lastly, indulge in wholesome performance based meals that will boost both the mind and body

Are there any specific promotions that you want to share?

We just launched breakfast on all our food platforms! We’re offering a 5% discount to anyone who sends us a picture of our article.

+973 6670 6010 | IG: @preptbh