Bahrain Confidential interviews Mohamed Alburshaid, the mind behind Fitway Kitchen.

Tell us more about Fitway Kitchen, how did it come about?

As an athlete living in Bahrain, I found it hard to look for healthy food without preservatives that also taste good. When I first started preparing for my competition early 2018, I tried to look for meal preps but everything I found out was either lacking in taste factor or more expensive than it should be – this sparked my interest to contact suppliers and companies, paving the way for Fitway Kitchen. Upon comparing our services, I believe that our restaurant offers the most affordable home cooked meal preps.

What inspired you to open Fitway Kitchen?

I wanted people to be able to stick to their diets and reach their fitness goals, without sacrificing the quality of their food intake. Dieting does not mean not indulging in delicious food; at Fitway Kitchen, we make sure that our customers have the best that’s why they stick to us.

There is an abundance of restaurants in Bahrain, what makes Fitway Kitchen stand out?

Delicious healthy food, fool-proof services, flexible schedule, affordable price and a perfect delivery service. Additionally, all of our dishes are freshly-prepared in our kitchen. Not only do our customers reach the needed calorie intake, their taste buds are also satisfied with the delicious meal preps we provide. With different meals each day, our customers definitely sign up again. 

Can you tell us more about your objective to help athletes in Bahrain?

I know that most of my fellow athletes have experienced financial issues, without any kind of support. We started Fitway Kitchen with a goal to support athletes by sponsoring them not only through meal preps but also their tickets, registration fees and monetary help if needed. At present, we are sponsoring 9 athletes who in turn have supported the restaurant.

Are there any specific promotions that you want to share?

A special Ramadan offer throughout Ramadan is available for only BD100: this includes 3 meals, salad and a snack – DELIVERED!

For more information: +973 6699 6757 IG: @fitway_kitchen