OMG! Did you know that you can get minimalist cakes in Bahrain?

Korean-style minimalist cakes have been taking the international scene by storm! The simplicity of these minimalist cakes make them appealing and of course, aesthetically pleasing! However, it can be quite hard to find these trends in Bahrain.

But lucky you because we’ve stumbled upon this Instagram shop that sells Korean-style and character cakes in different sizes! Now you don’t have to wait for your birthday as an excuse to get one.

Just recently, we caught up with Khadija Jumawan, the creator behind “Baked by Khadija” to know more.

Tell us a bit about @bakedby.khadija – what inspired you to create your small business?

My name is Anne/Khadija Jumawan and I’m 26 years old from Philippines. I’ve been a Pastry Chef for 10 years.

Because of the pandemic, I lost my job as a Head Pastry Chef in a company here in Bahrain but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my passion. I and my husband started selling Keto Pastries which was also a hit here in Bahrain. And just recently, I started selling minimalist design cakes.

Painting and doodle art are my hobbies, and it is so fun and satisfying making my cakes as my canvas now.

Your cakes are starting to create a buzz in the local community. What makes them so special?

To be honest the orders are overwhelming. I didn’t expect that people in Bahrain will notice my work. The mix of beautiful minimalist art and the taste make my cakes special.

There is a wide array of cake shops in Bahrain. Why should people buy from you

The price of my cakes is very reasonable. It’s a perfect personalized gift for your loved one. As described by my customers, my cakes are “tasty but no too sweet” making them the best one they’ve tasted.

Are there any tips you can share to aspiring home-bakers?

Let your passion take you where you wanna be. If you truly have the heart and the skills, you will be successful in your own time. 

If you want to see more of Khadija’s creations, check out her page here!