Try this homemade ube + crème brûlée cake in Bahrain!

If you’re looking for alternative options for the usual cakes, we have a delicious recommendation for you! We recently found out about these lusciously soft, ube and crème brûlée cakes that make for a perfect centrepiece in every occasion.

My Daily Cakes & Cupcakes is a home based pastry shop in Bahrain offering melt-in-your-mouth ube crème brûlée cake, famed for its soft and moist sponge, ube cream, custard and caramelised sugar on top.

Overall, the cake is indulgent in taste but light and creamy in texture. If you’re not into ube, you can opt for the regular or matcha crème brûlée cake. These goodies also come in a cupcake version for those who want it in bite sized pieces!

The shop offers different kinds of pastries other than the crème brûlée cakes and cupcakes – these include the equally popular Korean garlic cheesy buns as well as the moist chocolate cakes.

The shop delivers across Bahrain. You can check their Instagram page for more information.