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10 Bahrain Shops Where You Can Get Pretty Mother’s Day Cakes


Why should you order cake for Mother’s Day? Simple – it’s sweet and it can make any meal feel like a celebration! If you’re still looking for a cake to add to your spread, we’ve listed down shops that are accepting orders for cakes and can deliver these sweet treats while we’re social distancing.

Koko Cakes and Bakes

Baked by Khadija is a passion project turned into business by Khadija Jumawan. This shop specializes in minimalist and artsy cakes that also come in bento sizes. You can have it customized to your liking which makes it a perfect personalized gift for anyone.


Alosra has ready-made cakes and pastries that are super convenient when you’re a busy bee. From time to time, they also feature baked goodies from local shops which is a great way to explore new flavors.

Le Chocolat

Le Chocolat has a wide selection of cakes that come in a vast range of colors, flavors and sizes. This Mother’s Day, you can order and select from their designs or you can also opt to have it customized.

Lilou Artisan Patisserie

For those who just want to pick up an elegant birthday cake or a selection of coffee sweets, Lilou Artisan Patisserie is a great place to start with.


Launched in 1976, Saadeddin Pastry has been one of the go-to places for Arabic sweets, pastries and more. They have a variety of delicious cakes that prove to be a bang for the buck!

Cake Boutique

Cake Boutique offers tailor-made cakes designed to suit any occasion, no matter how lavish or simple.

Tariq Pastries

Tariq Pastries is the first Oriental sweet maker in Bahrain, opening its doors in 1982. For almost 40 years, they have been preparing all-natural and freshly baked pastries daily. Their cakes a pretty cheap but that doesn’t mean their scrimping on quality!

Al Manar

Al Manar is a local bakery selling a wide array of sweet and savory pastries, finger foods and more. They also customize cakes based on your preferences which makes them a great option this season.

Café Chantilly and Patisserie

Chantilly is a French café and patisserie located in Saar. They also make beautiful customized cakes that will suit any celebrations you may have.

Paris Dream Cake

Paris Dream Cake offers a variety of deliciously-made cakes that are also packed with fresh flavors.

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