Kiro Iliev shares how to be the better version of yourself

It is not a secret that in order to feel healthy, stay fit and be in comfort with yourself, your lifestyle should reflect good habits throughout the year. We all have our commitments and responsibilities but we also need to commit to such a healthy lifestyle if we really want our lives to change!

We often find excuses not to commit to a change of lifestyle but I am a true believer of the phrase, “If there’s a will, there is always a way”!

So let’s stop the excuses and get ready to do the job because the only way we can improve and move forward get out of our comfort zones! Nothing great will be achieved when we are at peace and comfort. Hustle, grind, work hard, dig deep, have patience, and engage in sacrifices. These will lead to an enormous amount of success in everything that you are doing in life.

Stop looking for the easiest ways and shortcuts because it’s all about the process that will make you the person that you want to be.  Love the process of being the best version of yourself throw the excuses out in the garbage. Trust me, you will be the happiest.

We are all amazing human beings and we have so much more capabilities than what we already know and have these days!

The only competition that we have is within ourselves… so change your perspective, set some goals and start executing them!


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