Paint & Palette: Interview with Art Director Anil Sharma

Tell us a bit about your background. What motivated you to pursue art?

Growing up, I have always been interested in art. I’ve decided to study art formally in college to learn its technicalities, enhance my skills and develop an aesthetic sense. I am a Fine Arts post-graduate from the Banaras Hindu University in India.

What themes are you exploring and what does your art say to the world?

The themes of my paintings include abstract figures along with surreal landscape with exaggerated color and glowing foliage. Using different mediums in my art, I want to convey a sense of harmony in understanding our relationship with nature.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? What motivates you to do your art and do you have any influences?

I draw inspiration from my cultural roots as well as my experiences as I’ve progressed in life.

What does art mean to you?

I make art because I strongly believe in the power of beauty to enhance the quality of life. For me, art is not a luxury but a necessity.

How has been your experience at Paint & Palette?

It’s been great. I am very grateful for the opportunity to influence and mold the minds of artists – beginners and established alike. At Paint & Palette, I have the freedom to express and explore myself which in turn benefits my students.

Why should people choose Paint & Palette?

We have a number of programs from basic to advanced level art sessions, workshops and portfolio development. We also provide exciting party packages as well as art camps. On top of these, we make sure that we provide the best kind of mentoring to our students.

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