HV Holistic Health: Maintain your current fitness this festive season

This festive season, HV is giving you tips on how to maintain your current fitness this month.

The festive holiday period is typically busy and indulgent for most. In short, health and fitness is typically not found on the top of the priority list, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Is your fitness on the backseat at the end of this year? Top tips to avoid the festive slump:

Maintain your fitness focus by time efficient exercise strategies.
The benefit of time saving strategies without affecting the quality of your training:

Keep it short and effective, by making sure you have a session planned beforehand to target your specific needs. Pre-book committed sessions with your trainer, to keep you on top of your fitness journey.

Maintain a routine

Plan and execute your exercise sessions. A little exercise is better than nothing, so keep moving by going for a walk or jog, even before you go out for your celebrations. Except your workouts may vary, but make a point not to miss them. Quality versus quantity!

Calorie saving ideas

It’s always a challenge for a normal calorie intake, so be sure to:
Be conscious of portion size and excessive snacking. With long days out, have healthy snacks prepared to avoid hunger, and being pulled to higher calorie foods and treats.

Exercise with friends

Having friends to train with can be an extra motivation during this time. Make it fun by doing different activities to stay fit and healthy. Make the most of the cooler weather and go play tennis with friends, or go horse riding, try something different!

Danielle van Dalen
Health and Wellness Practitioner
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