Here are 3 Great Padel Courts to Check Out in Bahrain

Padel has gained some popularity recently in Bahrain, but the sport has been around since the 1960’s when it was invented in Mexico.

This aerobic sport has some similar rules as tennis, but they are quite different sports. It also has similarities to squash in that the padel court has walls where shots can be played off.

When a ball is served it must bounce once on the floor then hit from below or at waist height. When serving, players have two attempts to hit into the opponent’s box.

Like tennis, a set is won when a team wins six games with at least two games difference. Failing this, a tie-break will be needed to decide on a set. A padel match is played the best out of three sets.

Here are 3 great courts in Bahrain where you can begin your padel journey:

Padel Bahrain (@bahrainpadel)

Location: Juffair (click here for Google Maps)
Timing: 8am-12am (Sat-Wed) and 8am-1am (Thu-Fri)
Booking: AirCourts app
Contact: 3327 7360

Padel Bahrain, Juffair

Let’s Padel (

Location: Seef (watch this video for directions)
Timing: 4pm-2am daily
Contact: 3926 4115

Let’s Padel, Seef

Padel Park (@padelparkbh)

Location: Gravity Village, Zallaq (click here for Google Maps)
Timing: 3pm-1:30am
Booking: Malaeb app
Contact: 3223 0303

Padel Park, Gravity Village, Zallaq