Food Review: Delicious Memories at The Bread Story, Galleria Mall

Bahrain Confidential experiences a Mediterranean culinary journey at The Bread Story!

bread story
The Bread Story, Galleria Mall

Situated at the stylish complex of Galleria Mall, The Bread Story has been creating a hype since it opened. Just recently, we had the chance to experience what the buzz is all about.

As we walked in, we were greeted by the warm welcome of the staff. While were selecting a table at the spacious restaurant, we couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful the interiors were. The combination of marble, gold, and colorful Mediterranean tiles made us feel like we were in a movie scene. Now onto our favorite part, the food!

Scripted by Artisans

The Bread Story offers traditional and modern ‘fruits of the hearth’ scripted by their group of artisan bakers and chef. Aside from a plethora of mouthwatering pastries, the menu features a wide array of specialty meats, vegetables, hot and cold Levantine appetizers and Arabic dishes.

Bountiful Breakfast

During the day, we tried The Bread Story’s ‘Bahraini Breakfast’, a combination of Nakhi, Balaleet, Luba, Foul Moudammas, Shakshouka, Homemade Arabic Bread, Rocca with Pickled Vegetables and an assortment of jams. This breakfast combo is perfect for those who want a little bit of everything; we savored the colorful combination of dishes. A side of some crispy ‘Falafel’ made the meal even more satisfying.

On top of this, we also had different kinds of ‘Manakeesh’ (which is similar to a pizza): Zaatar, Four Cheese and Lahem bel Ajin. Our favorite was the Four Cheese Manakeesh – it’s a tasty combination of Cheddar, Mozzarella, Feta and Halloumi cheese.

It is also worth noting that aside from the quality of taste of the dishes, each one is served creatively, making it more appetizing.

Picturesque venue, quality food and reasonable price? What more can you possibly ask for in a restaurant? All in all, we had an amazing experience at The Bread Story. Believe us when we say that The Bread Story is definitely a story worth telling.

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