Emergency hotlines you should know in Bahrain

Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time resident in Bahrain, it is important to know these numbers. Not only do these emergency hotlines make things more convenient, but it may also help save one’s life in the future. Jot these numbers down or bookmark this page so you’ll be ready in case you encounter any emergencies wherever you are in the Kingdom.


Police, Fire, Ambulance (Emergency Services) 999
Child Helpline 998
Reporting Accidents 199
Anti-Corruption 992
Criminal Investigation Directorate 17712768
General 80008008
Coronavirus Related 444

Here are some important things to remember when calling the emergency services system:

  • Dial ‘999’ for ambulance Services
  • All 999 calls are free
  • 999 is emergency services, fire, police and ambulance
  • When dialing 999 you will be asked which service you need
  • Give clear details of the accident or emergency, the number of causalities, any additional hazards and full address
  • Do not put the phone down until the control officer clear the line
  • Do not move the causality unless it is absolutely necessary

Always give the following information when calling:

  • Your name and your telephone number
  • The exact location of the incident, house number, road number or name, Block number and any junctions or other landmarks.
  • The type and seriousness of the incident, for example; traffic accident, number of people involved or trapped.
  • The number, sex age of the causalities, and any thing you know about their condition