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Dive into Adventure: A Guide to Water Sports in Bahrain!


Bahrain is home to some of the most exciting water sports in the Middle East. From scuba diving to jet skiing, there are plenty of opportunities to get your heart pumping and experience the thrill of the open water.

Don’t miss out on the fun – read on to find out more!

Beach Culture

Photo Credits: Beach Culture

At Beach Culture, you can find a range of water sports such as kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), which can also include yoga sessions to put your balance to the ultimate test. These exciting activities are available at two locations in Bahrain – Bahrain Bay and Bilaj Al Jazayer. Even if you have no prior experience, the instructors will guide you through the necessary skills and launch you onto the water for an unforgettable experience.

Extreme Sportz

Photo Credits: Extreme Sportz

Nestled within Sofitel Bahrain in Zallaq, Extreme Sportz offers a thrilling array of heart-pumping water sports in Bahrain. Take to the skies and soar high above the water with parasailing, or experience the rush of flyboarding as you hover and dive like a dolphin. For those seeking speed, hop on a jet ski and race across the waves, or hold on tight as you ride the waves aboard a banana boat or sofa ride. For a more leisurely experience, embark on a kayak adventure or set sail on a boat trip.

Saada Bahrain

Photo Credits: Saada Bahrain

Saada Bahrain is a beautiful waterfront destination situated in the heart of Muharraq. This location is specifically designed to offer visitors a unique and exciting experience that combines dining, retail, and marina options all in one place.

Island activities

Photo Credits: Island Activities

Prepare to discover the wonders of Bahrain with Island Activities! With numerous locations spread across the island, Island Activities provides an array of thrilling experiences to choose from. Glide through the serene waters on a kayak or enjoy a leisurely boat trip along the stunning coast. Feel the wind in your hair as you gallop on horseback through the picturesque landscapes. And, for those seeking an adrenaline rush, hop on a bike or scooter and embark on a thrilling tour of the island. 

To learn more details, check out their website.

Kashta tours

Photo Credits: Kashta Tours

Kashta Tours caters to all adventure-seekers with a diverse range of activities. Embark on a scenic horseback ride through the landscapes of Budaiya, or immerse yourself in the exhilarating water sports scene in the crystal-clear waters of Manama. If you’re looking for a completely arranged trip, Kashta Tours can take you to Jarada Island for a full day of adventure. For a more serene experience, glide along the calm waters on a kayak or explore with a cycling tour.

For further information, visit their website.

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