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10 Hair and Makeup Trends that You Should Totally Go for this Summer!


From bold eyes to multi-dimensional hair colour, here are some ideas that will help you switch up your look for summer! Bonus: we’ve also recommended a great place where you can get them done in Bahrain!

Bold eyes

Bold and colourful eye makeup has only gotten more hype since last year – especially now that we’re wearing masks. Match your mood with different colours and shades this summer!

Strong brows

Fuller brows are on this year! This is the time to finally grow out your eyebrows – filled in and defined brows are the way to go. If you’re already blessed with ample brow hair, a brow mascara is your go-to for a dense, contoured look.

New Pixie

2021’s take on the new pixie is either super short or just a bit longer than normal. There is no in-between! This look is perfect if you want to sport a low-maintenance cut.

Glossy lips

There’s a reason why the phrase “everything old is new again” has stood the test of time. Just like the late 90s and early 00s, glossy lips are making a comeback and are staying to make you shine!

Epic eyeliner

This is the time to play with your eye makeup like never before. Look to the eyeliner trends of the ’70s for your summer inspiration. You can experiment with colours; from earthy tones to vibrant ones.

Return of layers

Need a haircut but feeling totally unsure? We get it – especially in the middle of a pandemic – and we’ve been there. That is, until we rediscovered the magical powers of layering!

Multi-dimensional colour

Subtle variations in tone will be a huge trend, adding a multi-dimensional effect to everyday hair. Quick jags of color wherever you – or your colorist – see fit can be a welcome injection of fun into otherwise plain hair tones.

Fresh skin

Embrace the skin you’re in! Ditching heavy foundations and concealers is also a thing right now. Most people are going in for skin treatments to help their skin look fresh without makeup.

Blunt cuts

Want to try a new short haircut? Release your inner ‘biker babe’ by choosing a blunt cut!

Instagram waves

Tumbling, shiny, and purposeful waves aren’t going anywhere, and we are here for it!

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