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Chanel Launched its Fall-Winter 2022 Makeup Collection!


This fall, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio launched the Les Accords De Chanel – taking its color expertise to the next level. These specially designed collection of lip and nail colors coordinate perfectly with the shades of ULTRA LE TEINT Fluide foundation.

The FALL-WINTER 2022 collection is more than just a simple pairing of hues: each shade was designed with a rosy or golden undertone in order to deliver an incomparable finish that gives makeup dimension and radiance, even for a tone-on-tone look. The golden shades envelop the lips and nails in a luminous glow, while the rosy shades provide freshness.

Thanks to this color precision, the shades of ULTRA LE TEINT Fluide coordinate with ROUGE ALLURE and LE VERNIS this season to reveal the individuality of every woman.


With a collection featuring 12 new shades of ROUGE ALLURE and LE VERNIS, the possibilities are endless. For the most authentic, sophisticated look, users can play around with “skin-to-skin” color matches by choosing the ROUGE ALLURE and LE VERNIS shade combination that is most similar to their skin tone. Or, they can mix and match different color combinations that allow them to freely express their personality, where the depth of a plum shade makes the freshness of a rosewood hue pop. Everyone is free to set the tone.


A luminous, satiny, long-lasting lipstick with an ultra-fine texture that melts onto lips and wears like a second skin.


A beautifying, protective nail polish designed to make vibrant colors dazzle. Long-lasting and ultra-shiny, it offers an even, lacquered result.


A high-performance, highly sophisticated foundation featuring an ultra-pigmented formula that delivers a flawless, luminous matte finish and all-day comfort.

For more information on the collection, click here.

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