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Chanel Launches a New Line of Water-based Cosmetics for the Outdoor-Bound!


After entering the clean and sustainable beauty space with the N° 1 line, Chanel‘s newest collection – Les Beiges is glorifying simplicity and intuitiveness. With the overarching theme – ‘beauty is universal and effortless’, the brand-new line continues its pursuit of rethinking face makeup.

In this new line, the French luxury brand has launched three products that are built to last while spending a day outdoors. The water-based cosmetics – a tint, a concealer, and a blush introduce a micro-droplet innovation that seems weightless on the skin and void of non-essential ingredients. The ‘Water-fresh’ line is designed for simplicity, with subtle colours and the new lightweight technology.

While the Tint evens skin tone, the Water-fresh Complexion Touch is halfway between a foundation and a concealer with hydrating properties and micro-droplet pigments that do a good job at diminishing visible blemishes.

The makeup line’s third component is the Water-Fresh Blush, available in six shades and promising a seamless blend for a flushed look within seconds. Chanel’s commitment to developing products with natural ingredients reflects in this product with tamarind seed extract, a naturally derived ingredient that regulates the skin’s moisture balance.

Check out the new line of Water-Fresh line by Chanel here.

Image Credits: Chanel

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