Bahrain People & Culture - August 21, 2022

You Can’t Stop the Waves, but You Can Learn to Surf


I have recently been making a mental note every time I stress, worry or overthink something. Naturally (and thankfully) I am not much of a worrier or someone who is stressed, but being human, of course, it happens.

When I make a mental note of that particular worry – whether it be something in the business, personal life or something as small as running late for a meeting, working on tight deadlines, going above my calorie intake or not being able to make it for a friends occasion – everything turns out just fine, and the world continues to spin on its axis.

It has given me such clarity and peace of mind to realize that virtually all of these little or large worries I had over time never amounted to anything significant nor does it help. After a week, they are likely forgotten and certainly after a month or two. And as that time passes, new problems arise as they do and will do, forever.

Problems will not go away, so the problem is how we think about our problems.

Logic over emotion.

So then, my clarity of mind has come from realising that problems are a feature of life, not a bug. Whenever a new problem arises I maintain a calm mind whilst holding a cast-iron outlook that whatever hurdles I may encounter – all will be well in the end… Life is to be enjoyed.

Charlie H. Cooksey is a British expat living in Bahrain and has a keen interest in media & communications, travel, cars, house music, weight lifting, learning and investing. He likes to write about things he’s learnt/pondering or whatever he’s stumbled upon in his travels.

IG: @CharlieHCooksey

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