What e-Health Services are Available in Bahrain?

Telemedicine – sometimes referred to as telehealth or e-health – pertains to the use of technology in providing certain healthcare services. It was originally created as a way to treat patients who were situated in remote places, far from local healthcare providers or medical professionals. While telemedicine is still being used to address these problems, it is increasingly becoming an effective setup for the “new normal”.

In Bahrain, the e-Health service was established to cater to all citizens and residents of the kingdom, and originated as a component of the National Health Information Program (I-SEHA), provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

It unlocks a platform that allows all users to schedule their medical appointments electronically with General Clinics at the Health Centers. What’s more, users will have the privilege to reschedule and cancel upcoming appointments, as well as browse through their pending and past clinical arrangements with all Ministry Health Institutions.

The Ministry of Health propelled a multitude of services including:

  • Health Centers and SMC Online Appointments e-Service
  • Online Registration to Select Family Physician
  • Birth and Death Certification/Documentation Service
  • Ask a Doctor e-Service and Patients Data
  • Check your Blood Classification
  • Radiology Results

Other Services:

  • MOH NHRA Tracking System
  • Primary Health Dashboard
  • Physicians Exams
  • Medical Certificate Verification
  • Suggestions and Complaints  

Government Apps:


This application is offered by Ministry of Health, National Health Regulatory Authority in partnership with information and eGovernment Authority. It contains a myriad of extensive health services. The e-government app, Sehati, provides a number of health services to the public including:

Find a Doctor: Displays every single approved doctor in the Kingdom of Bahrain with their strengths and their place of work.

Medications: Information about the approved prescriptions in Bahrain drug stores, with related specifics (cost and provider name).

Ask a Doctor: Ask a clinical question and receive a response from the concerned doctor.

Appointments: Reserve an appointment at your health center, with the capacity to modify or cancel the appointment, as well as choosing a doctor.

Drug stores and Shops: Information about the approved drug stores and health product retailers in Bahrain.

Health Care Facilities: Information about the health care facilities in Bahrain (emergency clinics, hospitals and health centers).

Medical Results: Check your blood record and enquire about your Radiology result status.

Birth Certificate Services: Request for birth certificate for the new births and request a replacement of the existing birth certificate.

Another app, Doctori, which is licensed by the National Health Regulatory Authority, allows users to connect with a healthcare provider and consult wherever they are through video calls.