This photography gathering puts you at centre stage!

Contributor: Atharie Al Salem

PHOTOS A LA CHAIR (@photosalachair) is a local art community that hosts monthly art demonstrations by photographing random subjects and people present in their environment. The impromptu art gathering aims to bring the people of Bahrain together through creative and fun initiatives.

Photos A La Chair 12 is back in action after a two-years hiatus this Friday, November 19th between 2:00PM and 5:00PM in Muharraq at the square facing Siyadi Mosque.

The portrait photography session this month will feature Bahraini painter Balqees Fakhro, Ali Karimi, photographer and collage artist Camille Zakharia and designers Bahraini-Danish.

Join them with your best statement looks and outfits and get a unique photo experience alone or with friends for a memorable day in their traditional setting with creative people.

For more information, visit their Instagram account.