This cat cafe in Adliya is putting their cats up for adoption!

Have you always wanted to have a pet cat? Are you looking to grow your furry family at home by adding a new member? Or do you just want to help out one lucky cat (or 10) by allowing it to find a home in yours?

Adopting not only helps cats find a new home, but also opens a space for shelters and rescue groups to take in other cats who are in need.

Also, cats are great pets — there’s a reason why they’re so popular on the internet!

Catopia Cafe is currently putting their 13 cats up for adoption. The adoption is free, but will come with an adoption kit so that you’re all set as soon as you take home your new furry friend.

The kit includes supplies for cat grooming, nail cutting, ear and eye cleaning, a pack of wet and dry cat food, cat medical card, litter, litter tray, food bowl, and treats.

For more information, contact Aysha at 39215785 or send them a DM on their Instagram account (