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#TheWeekendGuide: Belly dancing in Bahrain

We tried the belly dancing classes at Crowne Plaza’s bfit Health Club and it was more fun than expected!

Since the soaring temperatures haven’t really cooled down, we thought of engaging in some indoor fun! Luckily, Crowne Plaza Bahrain offers belly dancing and Latin Cardio Dance classes at the bfit Health Club every Sunday and Tuesday.

Belly dance is a fascinating art form that started in the Middle East. Today, it is practiced across the globe by people of all ages. The term “belly dance” is a westernized name that originally referred to traditional Middle Eastern dancing. The earliest forms of belly dance were the Egyptian ghawazi dance during the 19th century, and Raqs Sharqi, an Arabic dance of the 20th century.

Through belly dancing, you can train your muscles, strengthen your core, develop exibility and achieve graceful body coordination. Believe it or not, belly dancing is one of the best ways to burn calories while offering great body-mind-spirit integration.

The classes at bfit Health Club were really fun and a lot more easier than we thought it would be. Andrea (@andrhaya), along with the other dancers who are a part of Brazil Oasis Bahrain (@ braziloasis), did a magni cent job at getting the group engaged, so there was no reason to be shy. We were enthusiastically taught some moves that were fun to practice at home too!

The hotel has one of the island’s premier tness center offering professional advice and supervision. The health club has a gym, spa and pool. Memberships are available monthly, quarterly and yearly for singles, couples and families.

Overall, it was a really exciting experience. We gained new friends, new memories and new skills! Ladies, if you’re looking for something different, this might just be the perfect activity for you!