The Bahrain Summer Festival is returning in July!

The Bahrain Summer Festival is returning for its 14th edition from 11 to 31 July 2022! The festival will run daily from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at the Bahrain National Museum, Art Center and Cultural Hall. 

This year, the event is held under the slogan “Golden Edition” to reflect the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) 2022 programme which is the “Golden Jubilee”, celebrating Bahraini outstanding achievements.

The BACA held a press conference on 19 June, 2022 where it revealed the programme of the 14th Bahrain Summer Festival. A promotional film was presented about the activities and musicians Jarrah Al-Shaer and Saad Adel, presented various musical pieces.

The festival features an extensive program of cultural activities including a series of workshops, live performances and live artistic and entertainment activities on the Cultural Hall stage. This is in addition to a variety of mobile restaurants, the Nakhool Star competition, and many more, so that visitors of all ages have an enjoyable time. 

The Heritage Commission of the Saudi Ministry of Culture will present a number of workshops at the Arts Center that seek to introduce the famous handicrafts of Saudi Arabia, in addition to other activities.

In conjunction with the Bahrain Summer Festival, the “Young Artisan” initiative program will be launched in July 2022 at Al Jasra Handicrafts Center. The initiative is concerned with teaching handicrafts and promoting the concept of heritage in support of efforts to revive traditional crafts in Bahrain. Over the course of four weeks and at an average of two days a week, young people between the ages of 7 and 12 will participate in the program consisting of workshops focusing on aspects of Bahraini crafts, including pottery, the manufacture of wooden boxes, Saf al Khoos (palm tree basket making), and engraving on gypsum.

For more information and detailed activities, visit the Bahrain Culture website. You can follow the festival’s events and activities through the social media channels at @Nakhoolbah and BACA social media plateforms @cultureBah.