Splash into the Season: Interview with Splash CEO Raza Beig

Just recently, Splash, launched an exquisite limited edition collection in collaboration with four of the Arab region’s most iconic fashion designers. We had the chance to interview its CEO, Raza Beig…

Why did you decide to hold this event at multiple locations beyond Dubai this year?

The idea actually came from a customer who messaged me on Instagram – she commended Splash’s fancy fashion shows in Dubai and asked when we are hosting one in Oman. I thought, “why not?”.  As a leading retailer in the region, we need to do something to create a buzz and hopefully spark inspiration to others.

Will this be a regular occurrence?

I hope so!

What makes Splash special?

Because we are the first! Over the last 26 years, we have not deviated from our values: to look after the middle-income families who want to dress up well without breaking the bank. We take the lead in today’s fashion-aware world and have been continuing to do so for over two decades.

What is Ramadan style?

It is easy and comfortable fashion for Suhoors, Iftars and other celebrations. The Splash Ramadan collection is a celebration of the holy month with bold kaftans, long flowy dresses with embellishments, and a world of prints including floral, geometric and animal prints.

The 4 designers you are promoting – please give me a quick brief on what makes each special:

Nina Zandnia is an inspiring fashionista who does a lot of 70s-inspired nautical collections; Aiisha Ramadan is an international fashion designer well-known for her feminine yet contemporary designs; Ken Ferns make sophisticated designs that are inspired by and draw elements from Asian culture; and

Essa Walla does very well-constructed kaftans with beautiful fabrics and signature prints.

Can you share any future plans you have for the brand?

As this region grows, we grow with it. Splash has established itself in the GCC and we aim to progress into untapped markets and new locations especially Africa.

The collection is now available across all 9 branches in Bahrain, just in time for Ramadan shopping.