A guide on where to go and what to do in Bahrain


#1. Go art-hopping


Bahrain National Museum –  The Bahrain National Museum continues to be one of the island’s main cultural landmarks. Witness Bahrain’s history come to life with the museum’s Halls of Graves, Dilmun, Tylos and Islam, Customs and Traditions, Traditional Trades and Crafts, and Documents and Manuscripts.


Bahrain Military Museum – The museum houses paintings, documents and photos documenting the history of Bahrain’s military and the Defence Force, and also displays the flags and weaponry of various BDF units.

Beit Al Qur’an – Beit Al Qur’an is a multi-purpose complex that plays a wonderful homage to Islam’s holiest book displays from almost every century since the advent of Islam in 610, as well as some of the earliest translations into European languages.

Bin Matar House – Founded in 2009, the Bin Matar House has been at the forefront of the art scene in Bahrain with carefully curated exhibitions as well as information on the history of pearling in Bahrain.

Busaad Art Gallery – This gallery is the former family home of Ebrahim Mohamed Busaad, who was born here in 1954. On display are Busaad’s elegant pieces of calligraphy, as well the bold and colorful canvases.

#2. Join photo walks

FotoBH – Founded in 2017 by Rasha Yousif, a documentary and travel photographer, FotoBH is an open platform to all photography enthusiasts from Bahrain. FotoBH organizes free photography related events and photo-walks across Bahrain with the aim to highlight and showcase the best images on the page. The photo walks organized by FotoBH aim to help people of the community to unleash their creativity and imagination. Aiming to discover, capture, and share. @FotoBH

#3. Try art classes

Arteastiq – Arteastiq is a social painting studio at Jawad Dome. It’s a combination of social interaction through the expression of painting and gathering together over a cup of tea. @arteastiqbah, +973 1769 2808

ArtZania – Art Zania offers creative art programs for children. Boys and girls from 3 to 14 can enjoy unique clay modeling activities anytime at Ramli Mall and Seef Mall. @artzania, +973 1764 0663-3507 4217

Palitra Studio –  Palitra Studio provides art classes for adults, teens and children at Amwaj Islands and Juffair. Classes are available in different techniques like oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor. @palitra_studio, +973 3411 5037

Paint & Palette – Located in Budaiya Highway, Paint & Palette offers a lot of creative services like art classes for adults and kids, portfolio development and workshops that lets people explore their artistic capabilities. The studio was founded by Karina Al Zu’bi, an artist who is committed to fostering creativity. @paintandpalettebh, +973 1700 0821, +973 3991 8888

#4. Visit forts & souks

Arad Fort – Arad Fort is a 15th-century fort in Arad. Formerly guarding a separate island of its own, the fort and its surroundings have since been joined to Muharraq Island. In 1980 the fort was restored with the same materials used during its original construction.

Manama Souq – The souq is a vibrant collection of shops offering a wide range of goods from textiles, spices, incense, perfumes, handicrafts and souvenirs, as well as more modern products from all over the world.

Bu Maher Fort – Bu Maher Fort visitor center is the starting point to discover more about the Pearling Road, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The center contains a three-dimensional display to learn about the Pearling Road’s history dating back to the early beginnings of pearl traders.

Muharraq Souq –  Visit one of Bahrain’s oldest markets in the heart of Muharraq. Stroll through the market offering traditional clothing, jewelry, coffee, spices, and confectionary.

Riffa Fort – Riffa Fort is 17th-century fort located on a reef amid the ancient Riffa settlement and modern day West Riffa. The fort also houses the Saffron Café, which overlooks the picturesque Al-Haniniya Valley, offering visitors the perfect ambience created by the site’s history and environment.

Qal’at Al Bahrain – Also known as the Bahrain Fort, Qal’at Al Bahrain is UNESCO World Heritage site believed to have been the capital of the ancient Dilmun Empire. It also houses a museum documenting the archaeological periods and historic features of the site.

Exciting Eid

#5. Have some indoor fun

Gravity – Make your dreams of flight come true at Gravity Indoor Skydiving in Zallaq. Don’t resist the incredible feeling of a freefall in one of the tallest wind tunnels in the world; with an overall height of 12 meters, constructed with tempered glass. Everyone can enjoy this body flight experience, except for those reluctant to go on a life-changing adventure! @gravitybah, +973 1310 0000

Up & Down Trampoline Park – Located at Wadi Al Sail Mall in Riffa, Up & Down Trampoline Park is an active entertainment destination with fun for all ages. With a sprawling trampoline space, large foam pits and a party room, this hidden gem is the place to come for some serious fun!

Adventure Hub – Adventure Hub is a nature-scene themed indoor adventure venue that offers physical challenges like rope courses, wall climbing, caving and more. @adventurehubme, +973 7710 3355

#6. Engage in some watersports

Beach Culture – Beach Culture is a provider of services and products in the leisure coastal industry and natural (non-motorized) watersports. @beachculture, www.beachculture.me

  • Kite Surfing – Kitesurfer harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water on a kiteboard similar to a wakeboard or a small surfboard, with or without footstraps or bindings.
  • Paddle boarding – Stand up paddle surfing / boarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the ridersits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.
  • Windsurfing – Windsurfing employs the wind-acting on windsurf-board —to propel a board on the surface of the water.

Pearl Diving – Leave in high spirits as the sun, the blue seas and a one of a kind experience awaits you. Arrive at the diving center by the Reef Island where you will meet your instructor and obtain the equipment which includes the boat ride, training and a wonderful opportunity to experience the historic and fun filled activity that dates back to centuries. @visitbahrain.bh, +973 1722 1166

#7. Splash into some waterparks

            Wahooo! – Grab your swim suit, a towel and head down to Wahooo!, at Bahrain’s City Center. The waterpark boasts over 15,000 sqm. as well as rides, slides and other attractions.

            The Lost Paradise of Dilmun – Lost Paradise is Bahrain’s biggest water theme park. Set in 77,000 square metres of desert oasis, Lost Paradise features 18 of the fastest, newest slides, pools and fountains. Lost Paradise is adjacent to the 5-star Al Areen Palace & spa.