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‘Sky Is the Limit’: An Interview With Azhar Hubail, Founder, AH Fragrances


Azhar Hubail is an internationally certified makeup artist with 16 years of experience in the field of beauty and makeup. She wears many hats – entrepreneur, art teacher, makeup trainer, and product developer. After a 16-year-long career in the makeup and beauty field and garnering over 120,000 followers, Azhar began a brand new line of fragrances! We had an opportunity to interview Azhar Hubail to know more about her brand, her fragrances, and the plan ahead.

Tell us a little bit about your background. Why did you choose to enter the beauty industry?

My passion for makeup, beauty, and art made me start my own makeup brand in 2014 (AH Makeup). In 2016, I opened my own beauty salon (AH Makeup Lounge) specialising in makeup, hair styling and nail art. Over the last 16 years in the field of beauty and makeup, I have trained a number of well-known makeup artists in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf region. After finding success in my entrepreneurial journey so far, I decided to move on to a new challenge and create my own fragrance line in 2021 with AH Fragrances.

You have over 100,000 followers. How did you achieve this growth on social media?

I began my social media channels in 2013 when the platforms were still on the rise. As one of the first Bahraini women to become a certified makeup artist with a brand of her own, I have been able to build credibility and a positive reputation for myself. Being an active social media user, I am keen on engaging with my followers by sharing my makeup tutorials, product launches, and my accomplishments. I have conducted multiple makeup classes around the GCC which has significantly helped me gain followers outside Bahrain as well.

After running your make-up brand for eight years and being in this space for 16, what made you branch out to create fragrances as well?

I have a passion for fragrances in general and I have always wanted to create my own scents and introduce them to the world. I also believe that fragrances are the final touch of beauty. Since I have been in the industry for quite some time, I decided to expand my product range and enter the fragrances field. My followers and customers have also encouraged me to take this step through their continuous trust in my taste over the years.

What makes AH Perfumes stand out among the rest?

A lot of research and detail has gone into creating AH Fragrances. I wanted to understand what customers preferred, and what kind of fragrances are most in demand while gaining a deeper knowledge about the industry as well. I was visiting factories across the region, collecting samples of bottles, bottle caps, fragrance oils, scents, and packaging. I personally believe that deep research rather than commercializing the product helps create genuine fragrances that my customers love. I’ve put my heart into creating AH Fragrances which is what makes them unique and stand out from the rest.

What are your future plans with respect to your brand?

I believe the sky’s the limit! I always look forward to expanding my business. The continuous development of my products and services is an ongoing process. The plan is to grow bigger in the GCC and open up new avenues in the MENA region.

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