Sephora Middle East bans fake lashes made of mink fur

Beauty retailer Sephora will stop selling false eyelashes made out of the fur of minks after receiving more than 280,000 emails from concerned shoppers, according to animal rights group Peta.

This ban applies to its branches globally, including the Middle East flagship store in The Dubai Mall, which is Sephora’s number one store worldwide.

Sephora confirmed that it will now only stock synthetic or faux fur lashes.

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“There’s nothing pretty about the fur industry: whether it’s a pair of false eyelashes or a coat, if you buy a product made of mink, you’re supporting cruelty,” says Peta Senior Vice President of International Campaigns Jason Baker. “Peta celebrates Sephora’s decision to leave mink-fur lashes off its shelves.”

Mink fur typically comes from farms where stressed minks frantically pace and circle endlessly inside small wire cages, a statement from Peta read.

For years they have been used to make fake eyelashes as the texture of the fur is soft and light, and offers a natural look that blends well with the user’s natural lashes.

The soft, glossy fur is also popularly used in the clothing industry and mink oil is sometimes used in cosmetics.