#Pinktober: This local cosmetic brand is selling glosses for a cause!

We don’t know why it took us this long to discover this local brand that is changing the island one lip gloss at a time! Heaven Sent Cosmetics is a small business that is creating a buzz because of their #GlossesForACause initiative this #Pinktober.

Just recently, we had the chance to interview Farah Turani, Founder of Heaven Sent Cosmetics. Here’s a chance to get to know the brand and its amazing project!

What inspired you to create your brand?

Heaven Sent has been an idea embedded in the back of my mind for a while, but this year felt like the push I needed to go after this idea and make it a reality. Heaven Sent Cosmetics represents the team, and we want the brand to speak for itself. We want anyone, anywhere to be able to wear our products and feel beautiful, effortless, and confident, with or without it. Heaven Sent is just the cherry on top. 

Can you tell us more about #GlossesForACause? Who will benefit from this initiative?

Pinktober is a special month to everyone on the Heaven Sent team, and we wanted to go beyond simply releasing a new lip gloss and donating to Think Pink Bahrain, which is why we started #GlossesForACause.

The initiative involves inviting survivors, doctors, nutritionists, hypnotherapists, and more to give advice, inspire, and hope to anyone struggling, or has struggled. We want to give back to the community and raise awareness, especially as many of our followers are young women. We are incredibly thankful to Think Pink Bahrain, our angels (consumers) for donating, and the people who have bravely spoken about their stories, and given advice and spread positivity. 

Why did you name the gloss “warrior”?

Naming the gloss took some time, and we wanted to be careful and appreciative with the way we approach this. When the name “warrior” came up, it seemed perfect. Anyone who has battled breast cancer has immense strength and they persevere. The word itself holds so much power, and we didn’t want to downplay what people with this illness have gone through. 

Will you be launching more glosses anytime soon?

Yes! We’re extremely excited to be launching two new glosses, Blood Moon and Stellar, on October 19th, inspired by fall and halloween. They’re limited in stock and will only be running until October 31st! We’ve also got some other things planned for the next few months, but we can’t reveal that yet! 

Why should people buy from you?

Simply put, because we care. Heaven Sent only uses FDA and EU approved ingredients. Also, our mica pigments are ethically sourced without the involvement of child exploitation, and we’re vegan and cruelty free. We care about our consumers and their opinions. Heaven Sent Cosmetics wants to build a community within our brand, and our angels come first!