OMG, This Beloved M.A.C. Product Is Now in Its Permanent Collection

One of M.A.C.’s most versatile offerings has to be the Prep + Prime Fix+. And we’re not just saying that because it comes in different scents and sizes.

The setting spray can be misted on before foundation as a primer or after to lock it in place. You can spritz your brushes with it before applying shimmery eye shadows or highlighter to amp up the illumination or spray it all over your face once you’re finished with your makeup to lock everything in place. Halfway through the day, you can return to the bottle to refresh your makeup and add some hydration to your skin, too. Because of all this, the Prep + Prime Fix+ has won a Reader’s Choice award, and M.A.C. has launched other aforementioned versions of it.


In early 2017, the Work It Out collection featured scented versions of the Prep + Prime Fix+, which touted the same soothing formula — just with a coconut, lavender, or rose aroma. Later in the year, M.A.C. shrunk them down to travel sizes, grouped them together for the holidays, and dubbed the set the Snow Ball Prep Prime Kit.

It sold out and was restocked so many times that M.A.C. is bringing back all three scents permanently. Now, no matter how many times they sell out, you can guarantee they’ll be back in stock eventually.


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