Local band release their first single on over a year!

Bahrain-based band, “Do You Really Like It”, announce their much anticipated latest single “Are You Lost”, the first in over a year.

Playing together since 2017 and released their first EP in the same year, the band has gone to be featured in various articles, shows, podcasts and more, cementing their already memorable mark on the Bahraini music scene, as well as transcending across the region. The band consists of Abdulla Mahmood, Debbi Francisco, and Sean Fernandes.

Frontman and lead guitarist, Abdulla Mahmood announced their latest since “Long Distance” stating how the pandemic had really allowed the group to focus and take their time when recording their music. He states, “Our last since was released well over a year ago, and we felt that I really epitomised what we were all going through at the time, in fact, what the world was going through. It was at the start of the first lockdown, and everything felt like it was a “long distance”, whether it was with family or friends, or even your place of work with your colleagues. I felt like we were successful in allowing our listeners to interpret the song the way they wanted to”.

Since the start of the pandemic and the release of their last single, the band continued to work on their music, focusing on recording new songs and material in what hopes to be their new album. Speaking on the new album, Abdulla continued to touch upon their new direction, saying “Lockdown has really given us the opportunity to explore new sounds, and experiment a little more with the music we want to put out. We hope that our fans, followers and listeners will enjoy what we have in store”.

The band had also hinted on some key surprises and changes in the group, claiming to introduce some new faces, playing a huge role in the new direction, and style of music they are heading towards.

“Do You Really Like It” announced that they will be coming back to their live shows, which have grown to be quite “electric, memorable and unlike any band you have seen in the local music scene”, says Abdulla Mahmood, with more announcement relating to that coming soon, which can be found on their website, or social media.

Their music can be found on all streaming platforms, and on their website.