Interview with Doyoureallylikeit?

If you’re an event enthusiast in Bahrain, chances are you have already witnessed this band steal the show with their energetic performances and magnetic stage personalities. Established in 2017, Doyoureallylikeit? has been continuously testing the limits of what entertainment on the island is all about. Just recently, we had the chance to interview the band’s lead singer and manager, Abdulla Mahmood.

Can you tell us how ‘Doyoureallylikeit?’ came to be? 

I had heard of Deema and Debbi from their incredible performances that was already the talk of the town. It was all around Instagram and I had just returned from my studies in England. I wanted to start a new band and contacted them. It is very rare to find musicians that from the first rehearsal connect with such chemistry; I think we all had a big hunch that we have something good going. I’m not going to lie it was very difficult to maintain and schedule especially at the start.

Usually, nobody sees the potential of a band from the early days. Nevertheless, we all pitched in various areas of the band in hopes of improving. I can’t thank everyone involved enough – from the photographers and parents, to the fans that helped us buy musical equipment and to the venues that gave us opportunities to play, they genuinely really liked us. 

What’s the story behind your band name?

Its symbolism refers to the critique of audiences around the world that have been born in the digital age; where the term “like” has been redefined to an unconscious decision of interest. 

How have your cultural roots influenced your craft? 

Brazilian, Saudi Arabian, Filipino and Bahrainis have one thing in common, rhythm. 

You are one of the most hyped bands in Bahrain. It’s probably because you’re really good, but why do you think that is?

Good management.

Can you hint to any projects that may be in the works?

We’re recording at the moment and are hoping to release singles every now and then. The idea of composing albums has dried and died in the past 5 years. We’re are constantly playing shows throughout the year and are hoping to improve our entertaining approach with every gig. We are also looking into touring which as you can imagine can be difficult regionally due to our multi-cultural band members. If you follow us on our Instagram or visit our website, you’ll know about our latest updates and releases. 

What’s your favourite place in Bahrain and why?

It’s so difficult to pick just one when you genuinely have so many incredible experiences. McGettigans is one, Hazel is another, and our first show in Calexico was unforgettable.